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by Holly on June 30, 2013

pirate Aidan

DISCLOSURE: I’ve been invited to be a Popsicle® Mom Ambassador for the next few months! I’m looking forward to sharing ideas for summer fun, crafts and cool treats with you. I am being compensated for my participation which makes our little adventures possible so I am grateful for the opportunity. As always our opinions and experiences are unflinchingly honest and all our own. Thank you for coming along for the ride! You can connect with Popsicle on their Facebook page for ideas and coupons too!


Summer has decided to come riding into Utah in the past week with a vengeance. We went from temps in the 80s that were quite comfortable to the past few days sitting at 100+

While I really do enjoy summertime this heat has already felt like too much to me! Probably because it feels like we didn’t ease into it at all. Which has more to do with the fact  that we don’t really feel like our summer vacation has actually even started yet. Our school year ended at the beginning of June… followed promptly by summer school for everyone. My bad.

Cole popsicle face

Actually, it has been good, but I have to admit, I’m looking forward to a little less outside structure and schedule for a while. I know most are relieved to have the kids in school, but with our kids school tends to be twice as much work. If I thought I remotely had the temperament and patience I would probably opt for homeschool because it would be easier on us in a lot of ways. But I don’t. So we won’t be switching any time soon.

Speaking of patience and my temperament in particular, those were actually two of the biggest reasons I decided to take this opportunity to be a Popsicle Brand Ambassador for the next few months. I really have one major goal for myself this summer and in life. You may be surprised by them, or you may not.

I need to lighten up. Truly.

Aidan popsicle faceI tend to over analyze things and spend a lot of time being frozen in my own brain by all the lists, tasks and things there are to do. When I’m in the critical moment this can be a good thing because I can quickly think through the options and weigh the pros and cons (mostly dealing with the kids various health issues).

In day to day life though I get mired down in the details about how everything affects everything else, etc.

But what I remember being my most favorite memories growing up have everything else to do with just going with the flow, having an adventure and being in the moment. I don’t want another summer to go by where I spend so much time weighing all the options that before I know it we end up being all work and no play.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ll still be keeping up on the school work and such. I have a plan for that. But I want a more fun balance. Kids only get to be kids once. I don’t want all my kids years to be wrapped up in all the serious stuff we can’t get away from anyway.

logoTo kick things off yesterday in my efforts to have more in-the-moment-fun with all my kiddos I took them to a friend’s house. We didn’t over think or over pack or over plan it. We were winging it. We swung by the store, grabbed some Yosicles (creamy treats from Popsicle that are part yogurt) and headed out to play.

Kayla popsicle

When the kiddos were sufficiently tuckered out, hot and ready for a treat to cap off the fun, we brought out the Raspberry-Strawberry and Banana-Strawberry Yosicles. My boys already have a fierce love of all things Popsicle and would actually probably like it if I would let them live on a steady diet of yogurt (no joke) so this was a no brainer for them.

Kayla however has never wanted to try anything like this and would usually either just turn away or give me the ‘hand’. She did try the Banana-Strawberry Yosicle though and as you can see she was pretty happy about that. She even managed to take a few licks before she *set* it in the grass. I’m pretty sure she planned on coming back for it after she played some more, but there you go. I did get a chance to try one of these myself (and am actually really looking forward to trying the chocolate & vanilla swirled variety) and they were a nice, creamy and only slightly tangy treat.


It was a perfect afternoon. It was such a fun, unstructured little adventure and reminded me of what my favorite summer memories were like. The kids played in the water, jumped on the trampoline, played with sticks and ran around. They swung under a tree, played with a hula hoop and kicked balls around on the grass.

It was epic in it’s simplicity and exactly what we needed.

Wading Cole

I’ll be hanging on to that feeling, as well as sharing ideas for how to amp up your summer celebrations for when you do want to go the extra mile. There will also be some fun giveaways from Popsicle coming your way, so I hope you’ll spend a bit of your time with us this summer too!

Incidentally, if you are looking for something fun, easy and festive for the holiday coming up this week then you should really check out the Firecracker Popsicles!


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