SRC: Red, White & Blue Candied Popcorn

Red, White & Blue Candied Popcorn

by Holly on June 4, 2012

Last month for the Secret Recipe Club I made the Nutella Granola and one of my favorite comments on that post came from a lovely gal who found me through SRC and was in my same group. I hadn’t found her blog before and was thrilled that she found me because I loved it (and her) – thank goodness for SRC!  We have a lot in common (not the least of which is her obvious love of ice cream and especially the caramel/chocolate/pecan combination – aka Turtles! – seriously… I’ve never seen such a fantabulous collection of chocolate-caramel-pecan related ideas!).

It was therefore super funny to me when I received my blog assignment for this month and found out that my new BBFF (Best Bloggy Friend Forever) Kim at Cravings of a Lunatic was my assignment for June! Her blog is not only filled with awesome ideas and fantastic recipes, but her writing and humor are right up my alley and never fail to make me smile or really laugh out loud.


I had a hard time narrowing things down since she has so many recipes I wanted to try – most especially her Turtle Popcorn Gone Wild! – but the month of May conspired against me with the end of school to be just as crazy as the rest of the school year was. By the time school let out last Friday, I felt like I could finally take a breath – you know…. the breath right before I realized this meant I had the kids home all the time for the summer and then therefore just crashed!

Anyway, I realized that although I had been looking at recipes all month, I still hadn’t gotten my act together to make that insanely good looking popcorn covered in toffee bits, pecans, chocolate and caramel onto of the caramel candy coating – oh my!! So. I decided to try a version of another popcorn recipe she shares on her blog, which was originally for a pretty, pastel pink, old fashioned popcorn that Kim grew up with. I wanted to change the colors a bit in honor of the upcoming Independence Day holiday in case you wanted another patriotic treat idea to make.

This recipe was really pretty easy to make and although working with the sugar can take a little while on the stovetop to keep from letting it caramelize and still get to the right temperature, it was a really fun treat to make and eat. Thanks to Kim for the fun recipes to browse through and for inspiring a new fun treat that my boys loved!

Happy Summer!


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