Our Story (so far!)

Hi! I’m Holly.

That seemed like the most logical place to start an ‘About’ page. I’m so creative like that.

The basics.

The blog name “pheMOMenon” started one day (in late 2007) because I was shut in at home with a fragile baby and very active preschooler. It was a play on the fact that although I had expected motherhood to be difficult, every day was a revelation that I had been completely clueless about what I was in for, what some of those difficulties would be, and my own capacity to surprise (and often disappoint) myself in equal measure. As in, “Well Holly, wasn’t that just ‘phemomenal’ of you. Well played.” (Yes, I talk to myself, in my head and at times out loud… usually there is pretty large dose of sarcasm involved as well.)

My husband and I met here in Utah in 1998 when I went with a good friend to make my first skydive and my soon-to-be love of my life was my instructor– so I literally fell for him. (See- I’m creative aaaaannnnd funny…. yeah. Something like that.). True story.

I tipped him a $20 bill with my phone number on it (he still has it). I just knew I was going to marry him, right from the start. About 5 months later, I did! Three days before Christmas in fact… not my best timing decision ever, but a great decision overall. Almost 14 years later and here we still are!

We have three kids that keep me busy and slightly crazed – two boys and one girl. We are learning how to get through being a family together with all of our wonderful and complicated parts…

A skydiving, tunnel flying, BASE jumping, traveling husband and Papa.

A food obsessed, bookworm, craft envious wife and Mama trying to juggle it all.

A wildly imaginative, sweet and complicated boy who is learning how to thrive in life with ADHD and anxiety while wanting to still learn, see and do everything. Usually all at once, of course!

A former preemie warrior who is trying to gain some weight while burning every calorie available with his monkey, wild child, dare devil antics.

And last, but far from least, a sweet baby girl who is showing us the upside of Down (syndrome that is). A hilarious, sweet music and dance loving little sister and light of our lives.

This blog is about my journey through our life using my blog and my kitchen as my happy place and creative outlet while stumbling my way through motherhood and the pitfalls of parenting, so pack your bags for the lifelong guilt trip and the joys and messes along with it.

I’m attempting to conquer my world, one recipe at a time. After all, this is cheaper than therapy!


2013 Update! The Hanks Crew has added a furkid to the family. Benny the Bulldog joined our family on New Year’s Day. He is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog who we think is just the smartest, sweetest, funniest pup there is. He is growing fast and will eventually weigh in at just under 100lbs (good thing I like big dogs, huh!?). We have plans to train Benny as a service dog who can assist with some of our kids various special needs and be an intricate part of our family fabric. I thought I should introduce him here since he keeps sneaking his way into pictures on Ye Olde Bloggh.