Mexican Sweet Bread and Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits

Mexican Sweet Bread

by Holly on May 10, 2011

As usual, my world got away from me and all my good intentions to post these recipes over the weekend were for nothing. Last Friday, when I posted the Torte de Chevre I also included a teaser photo of some of the massive amounts of cooking and baking I did for the staff and teachers at Aidan’s school for the annual appreciation breakfast that morning. It was a lot of work since the breakfast was for 50 people but it was a lot of fun.

Between the Mothers’ Day holiday- and all the usual random wackiness that seems to be my lot in life with my high maintenance children- time just blew right past me with doctors appointments, testing and other family obligations. My apologies on holding out on you by not getting these recipes posted until now but I’m sure you’ll understand. I hope since I’m not too terribly late for once that you’ll forgive me and bear with me this week as the craziness continues. Kayla had her vision screening and we now find ourselves preparing for her to have a sedated MRI tomorrow morning at PCMC – which means another full day running around to the hospital and waiting. Though the poor little gal has been through any number of things so far this will be her first time being sedated so I find I’m feeling stressed and a bit freaked out, even though they are just getting images of her brain to make sure there isn’t anything more serious going on with her vision than we think. Any good thoughts you can send her way tomorrow as I’m nervous about how she’ll react to being put under anesthesia for the first time would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, one of the items on the menu last week was for a simple Strawberry Yogurt and Granola Parfait using simple macerated, sweet red strawberries. To make the strawberries I simply slice them, add a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of vanilla. I then cover them and let them refrigerate and sit while the sugar brings out the natural juices in the strawberries if I’m making them ahead of time (up to one day). Otherwise just let the strawberries macerate for at least 10 minutes.

I served everything buffet style with vanilla yogurt and homemade granola. The teachers and staff could layer the different components in cups however they wanted. The granola is, of course, our favorite standby for my Homemade Almond Granola recipe just slightly modified. This granola is quite likely the item I make the most often at our house.  We eat it every day for breakfast or yogurt parfaits and even make cookies with it on occasion.We love the stuff so much that I probably go through about a gallon of it in just over a week. In fact, thanks to this granola, I pretty much never buy cereal at the store any more at all.  It makes the perfect breakfast for Aidan before school and is easily adaptable to different tastes. The recipe is kept pretty simple and basic so that everyone can add what they like themselves – dried fruit, chocolate chips, yogurt, fruit or just milk and a spoon.



I also served these little Mexican sweet bread rolls. I had never had this type of roll or even seen it before, but I’m told they are easy to find at Mexican bakeries or on breakfast tables in Mexico. I’ve now seen pictures of rolls topped with all different colors and cutting designs, but it seems that the most common is to cut the topping mixture into a clam shell pattern – which when made smaller in size are called conchitas instead of the full sized conchas. In fact, I’m glad I made the rolls smaller, because, had I followed the recipe I adapted exactly then each roll would have been fairly huge. As it was, I made a doubled recipe and got 40 smallish (about 3 1/2 inch) rolls, when the original doubled recipe portions would have only made 24 rolls. You can imagine then that they must be pretty large when not made a bit smaller. It’s really up to you then on how big or small you make them.

So, basically, it is a sweet yeast bread, lightly spiced with ground cinnamon, that is then topped with a butter and sugar mixture that is thoroughly creamed and flavored, usually with either cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa, that is then mixed with flour to make a very thick paste that is actually about the texture of sugar cookie dough. The topping ‘dough’ is then rolled into balls, flattened, molded over the top of your bread dough rolls, cut, then the dough and topping is allowed to rest and rise together before baking.

All things considered, these were some extra work, but I have to admit, they were fun to make and I can see them being a lot of fun to let the kids help with too. I didn’t get wild and crazy with my cutting designs this time, but you certainly could cut whatever pattern you feel like, keeping in mind that you want the dough to be a bit anchored because it can tend to slide off a bit during the rising and baking. I also chose not to choose between a cinnamon topping, vanilla topping or chocolate/cocoa topping and actually combined all three to get a kind of cinnamon spiced chocolate flavored topping that was a pretty, rich brown color. You could do whatever you want and even use food coloring in your topping, but I chose to keep it pretty basic this time around.

The rolls were tender, sweet and had a hint of the cinnamon flavor in the bread itself and the topping was really delicious with the chocolate/cinnamon/vanilla flavor which baked up into a crunchy, light almost cookie like texture on top of the bread. My whole family loved these and I will definitely be making them again! We ate the leftovers for the last few days over the weekend and they were still delicious when heated up a bit in the microwave, so if you choose to cut the recipe in half, you may end up feeling like me and want to kick yourself that they are all gone!


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Jodie May 10, 2011 at 3:57 pm

Holly, those breads look great! I thought they were from a bakery!

evan May 10, 2011 at 6:48 pm

Holly, you’re an amazing photographer! That first shot of the bread looks incredible.

Emily May 10, 2011 at 9:50 pm

Wow! Those sweet bread rolls look amazing! And I love your recipe for almond granola. I am going to have to try it as soon as we’re out of the homemade Deer Valley granola I just made. 🙂

Veronica Turner May 19, 2011 at 8:33 pm

I have to tell you, every Sunday my grandfather would go to the bakery very early in the morning… (my grandmother always made a Sunday breakfast and my entire family would gather for a large family Sunday breakfast then off to church).

This brought back so many memories! I saw them and immediately wanted a cup of coffee!
Thank you for sharing this recipe, I thought we could only get these at Mexican bakeries, will definitely need to try this recipe.

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