Licuado de Banana con Leche & Albion Giveaway!

by Holly on July 3, 2013

licuado de banana con leche -

Disclosure: I received a swimsuit from Albion Fit to review and keep. I was also given the opportunity for my readers to have a special discount code available to use as well as a giveaway sponsored by Albion for the same swimsuit for one winner. I received no other compensation and my opinions about their workout clothing and swimwear are 100% my own.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it has been unbearably hot here in Utah for the past week or so. Apparently we may be in for some thunderstorms just in time for the holiday now, but that isn’t terribly surprising since it always seems to work out that way.

The heat has made the kids and I want lots of cold drinks and treats to refresh with. We’ve also been finding ways to get out and go swimming or splashing to combat the heat – pool, splash pad, sprinklers, squirt bottles, etc. – anything!

I imagine you could make this same drink using most any fresh or even frozen fruit you want, though I grew up with straight banana and have never really looked back. If I ever decide to stray from my favorite, I’d probably add some orange juice or some strawberries first.

banana drink -

Licuado de Banana con Leche – aka Banana Drink with Milk (that’s a rough translation people – I’m not a Spanish speaker and we pretty much grew up just shortening the name to ‘Banana Drink’). Anyway, this is a drink my Dad used to make for us when we were growing up and it was always a special treat.

It’s about as light, barely sweet and perfectly refreshing as you can get and I can almost guarantee to have the ingredients on hand on any given daily basis and with zero guilt for me or the kids. It’s like a thin, super refreshing, fast and easy smoothie. It does tend to separate quickly with the bubbles so you can drink it kind of like banana milk or you can whip it back up and enjoy it in a frothy texture. Up to you.

Speaking of heat and ways to combat it and things that are the color of that banana peel above (wait for it…. )…

Albion Swims

Pictures courtesy High Tide Swimsuit (left), Bikini in Peacock (top), Starboard Swimsuit (bottom)

I’m not really a fan of the water. Like, at all. It stands to reason then that I stay away from it if at all possible. Only… I have kids who need to learn how to be around the water safely and to enjoy it. So staying away just isn’t possible.

I’m actually terrified of going under the water and it has taken me years to even get to a point where I can go into the water and enjoy it (without going under – I’m working on that).

As you can imagine that has made the process of shopping for a swimsuit each year a crazy challenge for me. I do it so that I can take the kids to have fun at the beach or pool or even splash pad because I’m determined not to let my issues curb their childhood (well, at least not any more than normal!).

Anyway, every year when it’s time to look for a suit, it’s like a recurring nightmare. I’ve had three kids. I have gooshy spots and extra curves where I wish they weren’t and lack of curves where I wish they were. No suit has ever fit in a flattering way that didn’t look like a ‘mom’ suit (you know, like ‘mom jeans’) or just flat out putting a tank and shorts on over it.

Enter – they are a local, family owned company (started here in Utah) who recently opened their flagship store at the new-ish City Creek Center in Downtown Salt Lake City. They make women’s fitness and swimwear that is absolutely gorgeous with fun styles and detailing. Their mission is ‘to provide women with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free fitness and leisure apparel on the market.’

That’s a pretty tall order they’ve made for themselves but if anyone can do it, I think a small, unique business could! Just check out their About page to see what I mean.

Albion Fit

 Pictures courtesy Albion Signature Hoodie in Crimson (top left), Sweet Stripe Capri (middle left), Breathe Freely Tank in Cherry (top right), Balance Bermuda in Graphite (bottom)

Let’s face it. A lot of workout clothing either all looks alike or is kind of obnoxious in my opinion, or just not flattering at all. Above are just a few images from Albion’s website with my favorites but I can tell you that pretty much everything they make is absolutely darling! I’d totally be one of those mom’s who wore the clothes all the dang time. My kids are a workout for sure! I could totally justify that.

yellow suit

 Me in my Yellow Criss Cross Suit – told you it matched that banana peel! Love it!

1364850937Storefront_AlbionI was given the opportunity to choose one of their swimsuits for myself and went to their store at City Creek to try them on to choose one. It wasn’t an easy decision because for once there were multiple suits that were flattering and fun and cute that actually fit!

I finally narrowed it down to the Criss Cross Swimsuit. Cole was with me at the store and being the opinionated little dude that he is, he chose the YELLOW! He thought I would be nice and ‘visible’ 🙂 anywhere we went. Honestly I didn’t mind because it’s nice and bright and happy. Which I should try to channel when I’m near the water anyway!

It also comes in black, plum and chino so there are options for all.

The really fun part of all this swimwear talk is that YOU could win a Criss Cross Swimsuit from Albion Fit too!

Want to order your swimsuit and workout clothing now?

There is also a special code: PHEMOMENON20 that Albion has offered for my readers to use to get $20 off on any orders of $50 or more from before July 11th!

Criss Cross Suit

 Pictures courtesy Criss Cross Swimsuit in black and yellow

So. You can enter the giveaway for a Criss Cross Swimsuit below (color of YOUR choice!) and even browse their site and order some goodies for yourself at a screaming discount. It’s a win win! And the recipe for the ‘banana drink’ is at the bottom of the page. You can totally relax by the pool with a tall frothy drink and feel and look good at the same time. Just sayin’.

To be eligible to participate in the giveaway you must be a US resident, and have not won another Albion Fit giveaway within the last 6 months. Giveaway

banana drink with straw -

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Adelina Priddis July 4, 2013 at 7:14 am

yummy! I love the yellow criss cross suit! It’s so bright and happy

tammigirl July 5, 2013 at 12:46 pm

If I wear yellow I look yellow – and not in a good way. So glad they have a black option. 🙂

Tisha | Biz Mommy July 7, 2013 at 10:44 pm

Cute suits! I tried to enter the giveaway, but I don’t do Pinterest, so it wouldn’t let me complete the form without a link to a pin. 🙁 Oh well. I still have a few more months at the gym before I’d let myself sport one of them anyway! 🙂

Susan DeVaux July 8, 2013 at 11:48 pm

I like both 🙂 I would probably choose yellow

Yvonne July 9, 2013 at 9:22 am

Thanks for the giveaway! I LOVE Albion’s swimsuits!! I bought one for my vacation last May and LOVE it!

Debra July 9, 2013 at 9:27 am

I love their suits! Love the drink recipe!

Audra @ Painless Meals July 9, 2013 at 9:47 am

My boys love bananas, but I don’t love them once they get too ripe – I’m so glad I found an easy and refreshing recipe that will use up some of our ripening bananas! Thank you.

renetta endlich July 9, 2013 at 10:35 am

Awesome swimsuits? I would love to win one!

Kim Orlandini July 9, 2013 at 11:15 am

I need a new suit so bad, how cute are these ones?

lore oneil July 9, 2013 at 3:24 pm

love the suits and I could use a new one too!

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