Fudgsicle Black Cow

by Holly on October 29, 2013

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DISCLOSURE: This post is a part of my Popsicle Mom Ambassadorship. I am being compensated for my participation which allows me to keep bloggin’ on. As always my opinions are 100% my own and I love you all to pieces for being here. You can always visit and engage with Popsicle on their Facebook page where they share more ideas.

There’s nothing quite like leaving celebration planning to the last minute. Believe me. I should know! At least with Kayla getting sick last week I have a legit reason for once, but still. It’s not much of an excuse because, frankly, I do it every. single. time. Every holiday, without fail. 

I’m consistent at least.


This Halloween is no different. With my Popsicle Ambassadorship though I had already brainstormed earlier in the month and just missed my deadline. Again, legit reason (for once!). Earlier this week it was National Chocolate Day. A day you’d think I would never miss. But I do. Every year.

For procrastinators and last minute planners like me, sometimes you just need something you can easily pull off at the last minute. That’s why I actually don’t feel too bad for only telling you about this Fudgsicle®  Black Cow old fashioned soda fountain drink with an update — and only telling you right before Halloween.


Seriously, there are 18 – eighteen! – Popsicles in the box. Does it get much easier to stretch the budget than that?


I don’t feel too bad because there is pretty much no prep involved here. Just collect the ingredients and rock on.

A Black Cow varies by recipe, but most agree it involves cream in some form (vanilla ice cream, cream, half and half, whipped cream, etc.), Root Beer and Chocolate Syrup. For this updated version I wanted to up the chill factor by using a Fudgsicle as the stirrer in the glass, as well as boosting the chocolate involved. That is winning in my book.


I also opted to use half and half just drizzled in at the last minute because I love that swirly effect.

You could always add a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bottom instead and further gild the lily, but I thought that drippy chocolate, swirly white effect was pretty fun all by itself.


I realize that this drink doesn’t really look ‘black’ at this point, but what can you do?

There is also a drink called a ‘brown cow’ in which you’d do basically the same thing as here, only with Cola, so there’s another option for you.

I do love me some old fashioned soda fountain drinks (and think I may have to make this a regular series on here!).


I’ve also included some links to crafts and ideas for Halloween where you can use those Popsicle sticks when you’re done. I’m nice like that.

Happy Halloween!



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Jen October 30, 2013 at 10:44 am

OH my stars this looks so yummy!!!! I am so making these for the family! Thanks for sharing. (If I had Root Beer in the fridge, I would make one right now!!!)

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