SRC: Meringue Cups with Meyer Lemon Cream and Fresh Raspberries

by Holly on February 4, 2013

lemon creme meringues -

Believe it or not, while I do know some people who are upset that good ole Punxsutawney Phil predicts we’ll have an early Spring this year, I’ve got to tell you that after December’s and January’s performances I’m not one of those people. I personally am hoping that Phil is spot on and this Winter will be over sooner rather than later.

All the snow, horrible inversion smog and muck, plus awful roads and freezing temperatures has desperately made me wish I was somewhere warm. The hubs has been to not one, not two, but THREE fantastic destinations in the past two months while I’ve been freezing here. It’s made all this awful weather just that much more awful to put up with and slog through. Don’t get me wrong, had there been a way for us to swing it for me to go with him on at least one of those trips I would have packed my bags, but the reality is that arranging for someone to ‘be me’ with the kids is just shy of impossible for a variety of reasons.


lemon creme meringue serving -

So. I am craving Spring in all things, while still taking advantage of the Winter’s citrus bounty… which always seems so odd to me that it’s when it’s in season, but thank the heavens that that’s when it is. I’m sure that right there could be proof of intelligent design.

This month for the Secret Recipe Club {SRC} I was given Kim’s blog, Everyday Mom. I thoroughly enjoyed going through Kim’s posts and loved the fun ideas she has and little bits of their everyday life. We have a lot in common including an early start on our love of cookbooks, love to bake and cook, each have 3 kids. I especially still want to go back and try a version of her Black Bean Sweet Potato Quesadilla – that was my plan for the month as well, to make that recipe to go along as the ‘food’ portion of my lunch with these baked meringues, but I never had a chance between sick kids, sick husband and sick me to get to it.  I’m just glad I at least got these made as soon as I received my assignment!

lemon creme meringue -

While choosing what I wanted to make though I noticed that she participates in The Cake Slice Bakers (one I participated in long ago and had to give up, like the other clubs I loved, due to life eating me alive with three complicated kids). I loved that club and loved making the different recipes. The one that she shared was about some beautiful Meringue Cups filled with a lemon cream and topped with fresh berries.

I actually had everything on hand for this recipe so when I looked at it I decided to just jump on in and make it. The original version calls for piping the meringue on top of itself to create little cups or baskets that bake up to be crisp on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside and basically remind me of mini Pavlovas so I knew they would be a hit with the kids.

lemon creme meringue front-

I even had a little bag of Meyer lemons I had picked up at the store earlier in the week, just because I can’t resist them, so I used those to make the cream filling (lime cream in the original recipe). The entire dessert, while it takes a bit of time and so planning, really isn’t complicated to make at all. I was too lazy to pipe the meringue before baking, but the scoops with a little help, Pavlova style, were fun to make and my boys loved them. The lemon cream was perfect on top and a few fresh raspberries and a sprinkling of powdered sugar to top it off also made these individual desserts absolutely lovely.


Between the colors and the flavors, these little darlings were the perfect Winter doldrum pick-me-up!

Other recipes to try from Everyday Mom:

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