Baked Chocolate Mousse Mug Cake – Eat Cake and Move On

Baked Chocolate Mousse Mug Cake

by Holly on March 9, 2012

After yesterday’s complete brain dump post I really didn’t know what to expect to wake up to this morning. A few of unsubscribes came to mind. There have already been several since I started my month long attempt to blog every day to get myself back on track and in the habit of sharing my life and not bottling it all up inside. I sincerely hoped you would stick around for the ride and I’m so incredibly touched that you have. Several of you even gave me some positive feedback and was so encouraging and just what I needed to hear and to know that I’m not alone in this crazy life.

Thank you once again a million times over for letting me share my life with you and for being interested in my little corner of the web. You are the reason I blog and continue to stick with it. Even if I’m not reaching millions, as my friend Krista and I discussed today, even if by sharing my experiences I help or touch the lives of even one person, I have value and can mean something to that person. I hope that is how you feel as well. In fact, I think I’m that starfish perhaps even more and it is YOU who save me!

Because I truly love you, I made this cake today. It’s chocolate – my other favorite form of therapy! I figure we can all use a little pick-me-up and this cake really fits the bill! It is a special little treat for those times when we want to give ourselves a break in a world that never allows for such luxuries. We have to find our own ways to take little pleasures when and where we can and really enjoy the small and simple things in life.

In fact, it is a decadent and rich chocolate cake that is like a baked chocolate mousse. It is so smooth, creamy, rich and amazing that on the first bite I fell in love and thought I was going to slide into a chocolate induced coma. It’s that good. Epic good.

What if I told you this cake also has no flour in it, only uses four ingredients, is made by hand (though you could use a hand mixer) and bakes right in the dish you’ll eat it from? I’m not saying it is quick though because although it only took about 5 minutes to mix, it takes around 30 minutes to bake.

Here’s the thing though 1) I’ve yet to find a fast microwave mug cake that I actually liked and 2) this cake is all about incentive for me.

When it comes to cooking and baking, I absolutely LOVE spending my time in the kitchen. The unfortunate truth is that I then also have to clean the kitchen. I can’t begin to explain to you the depths to which I will stoop to avoid this chore as much and as long as possible. In my perfect next life I will have a massive kitchen (though, I admit, the one I have isn’t really so bad). In that massive kitchen I will have at least two dishwashers so I can keep everything loaded and cleaned at all times. As it is, my sink is NEVER empty.

I try to clean it out, I really do. But with three kids, none of which who can or will eat the same thing at the same time, it just doesn’t happen. Ever. At all. Even a little.

Add to the fact that I like to avoid the chore, I invariably start a new mess every time I’m in there by deciding that while I’m there anyway and cleaning, I might as well whip something up to put in the oven. It is my way of having a little reward all ready to go for myself once I’ve done the work. This cake is my new favorite thing. I might just do the dishes so that I have this as my reward at the end of the 30 minutes it takes me to straighten up the kitchen. It would make doing the dishes worth it!

The recipe is based off a 1/4 portion of this recipe found recently in the Wall Street Journal. While making four of these wouldn’t be a bad idea, quite frankly I think having 4 of them around when I’m the only one who will eat it is definitely over kill. Plus, this is my decadent little reward. Something just for me as an atta girl for getting the work done.

The recipe uses good chocolate, a bit of butter and sugar and one egg. That’s it. Nothin’ else. The original recipes directions are rather fussy in my opinion, though if I were making a whole batch I would follow them. Sometimes though, I like to find another way around a recipe that simplifies and makes it a bit easier, lazier and quicker to mix. That is what happened here.

In the original recipe you have to melt the butter and chocolate over a water bath, whisk the eggs over a water bath till warm, and then beat them some more before you fold in the chocolate mixture, divide it between your mugs and then bake it in a water bath in the oven.  I wanted to be able to make it all by hand, use fewer bowls, and only use a water bath for baking.

Guess what? It worked!

So, if you are like me then the next time you have to do chores you really hate, get one of these started and use it as your light at the end of the tunnel for when you’ve put in your time. It will be well worth the little bit of effort!


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Adelina priddis March 10, 2012 at 6:45 am

I hear you on the dishes! I have no dishwasher, and 3 kids, so an empty sink is just laughable.
This cake however, mmmm, I may join you in making it my clean the kitchen reward.

lauren March 10, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Hey Holly, just looking for a recipe on my old TWD blog for inspiration as to what to bake for the upcoming Passover holiday. Found the yummy chocolate torte you selected. Sounds like you have lots going on….and still blogging. I rejoined the TWD group and have another blog as well. Lots of changes in my life and all is good! Take care,
Lauren (was Upper East Side…)

Katrina March 11, 2012 at 7:35 am

Mmm, must try this! I noticed it’s also gluten free! (Not that I have issue with that, but some would.)

Dana B March 12, 2012 at 9:13 am

I noticed the gluten-free, too, because it appears my 10 yo is gluten intolerant. Wish that solved all of the problems he’s having, but unfortunately it has not yet (1 week gf). Holly, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had people unsubscribe since you talked about what’s going on with you more, but those probably weren’t the folks you wanted to follow you anyway. Have a great week!

Lu Ann P June 20, 2012 at 9:39 pm


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