App Love – Baby Steps!

by Holly on October 24, 2012

You may not know this about me, but I absolutely love technology. One type of technology in particular, and I know I’m not alone in this. I have a serious love affair with my smart phone (iPhone in my case). It has made my life immeasurably better over the past few years. It is my personal assistant and helper with the kids. I use it to organize my life, find the information I need, teach and entertain my kids and easily and quickly record the little moments I would otherwise miss having pictures and video of.

I’m not one to use my phone to the point of missing out on life with my kids, I’m generally using it as my helper along with my kids – everything from snapping a shot of that funny face Kayla makes to looking up information on whatever Cole’s latest injury is (the kid is a daredevil like Dad and is constantly stressing me out! In fact, if anyone knows of parkour classes for little kids I may need to enroll him for his own protection since he’s doing it anyway!). (No surprise he wanted to fly in the wind tunnel for his birthday last week again – this time he had a friend!)

My one regret about technology is that so much of it wasn’t around when I was starting out as a mom. I look at all the fantastic tools available to Moms these days and quite frankly, I’m jealous! I had the big scary books about pregnancy and had to filter through them old school style to find what I needed to know – and hope that I was even finding the right information. After three complicated pregnancies, followed by three more complicated kids, I know that having that information readily accessible, searchable and available to me would have been an absolute blessing! I know I’m grateful for all the help that this technology brings me now so I want to start sharing my favorite finds with you occasionally here on the blog. Some of my favorites have to do with recipes, but there are a lot that I find helpful for the kids for learning games and even helping Kayla with her speech therapy – it occurs to me since I’m still finding new ones all the time that are helpful that you might like to know too (especially since many of them are free!).

What better way to kick this off than going back to the beginning! I was thinking about what it would have meant to me to have all the pregnancy information I scrambled and stressed over with my oldest (now 9 years old!) available right at my fingertips, including a fantastic community of other moms, doctors and nurses as support. Whether you are currently pregnant, thinking about it, or have already been down that road and are considering it again, the new Baby Steps application from Intermountain Healthcare could be your smarty-pants best friend during your pregnancy journey. Let’s face it, if you have a smart phone, like me it may be your other appendage and the best possible place for you to keep track of your questions, thoughts, memories, etc. during this time.

Here’s why I love this app and the thought that Intermountain Healthcare put into designing it:

  • First of all, it’s FREE. Kids are expensive, and getting this kind of help for free is just awesome!
  • It includes a countdown till your due date, including current video and informational content relevant to your stage – and you can easily share the information on your social media accounts as well.

  • They’ve included a list of many, many, many baby name ideas – right in the app, alphabetical order, including name meanings! I spent SO MUCH time digging through books and websites for this! 
  • There’s a section you can use make notes to yourself about what you want to ask your doctor – and even to keep track of questions that have already been answered!! The pregnant brain is an amazingly forgetful thing and having a list of what you’ve already asked and the response is just cool (hey, cut yourself some slack – you are growing another person after all!)!
  • Hospital Finder – search and find out what facilities are close to you, including their contact information
  • A place to keep your checklist of what to take with you when it’s time for the baby’s arrival, including some really good suggestions (a few I even remember thinking I should have remembered or never thought of that would have been great!)
  • FAQ Video section and Doctor answers for every week of the pregnancy
  • Easy peasy access to the Intermountain Moms Facebook page and community– the support of other parents during pregnancy and after the baby is born is invaluable!
  • POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE FEATURE – there is even a diary area in the app where you can easily journal, take and keep pictures and even make sound recordings – how freaking cool would it be to snap everything, including heartbeat and pics right there when you find out whether you’re having a boy or girl, record Dad’s reaction, etc. That’s just genius!!
  • Oh, and just in case you had any doubt that they really thought this through, there is even an easy access little button on each screen (so you don’t have to even go back and forth through the app) that let’s you easily add another item – no matter which area you’re in – need to ask a question, then think of something to add to your checklist, then think of a thought you just had about your pregnancy mood you want to record – no problem, trip along in no particular rhyme or reason to your heart’s content – they know your brain is going a million miles an hour and so do the tools you use.

Like I said, genius – so much thought and care went into creating this app! Kind of makes me wish I weren’t done having kids! 😉

DISCLAIMER: While this post is sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare, as always my opinions are my own and I wholeheartedly recommend this app and will be most likely randomly telling every pregnant woman I see all about it in detail. Consider yourself warned! 

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