SRC: Lazy 4-Layer Deep Dish Pizza Dip and Flatbread

4-layer pizza dip

by Holly on March 5, 2012

You know, today wasn’t supposed to have crept up on me at all… and then somehow it did! It’s already time for another Secret Recipe Club reveal!

I thought I was so on the ball because I made, ate and photographed my take on this month’s assignment from Donna at The Slow Roasted Italian (who by the way just did THE cutest Elmo birthday party ever!).

Anyway, I uploaded the pictures, edited them and even exported them ready to post… and literally haven’t made it back on to the computer since then. We still have no laptop and I’ve been posting exclusively from my iPhone for NaBloPoMo (and am writing/texting all of this from my iPhone as well!). Finding time on the computer that is upstairs… when I’m constantly needed downstairs with the kiddos is pretty much a no-go, so this is as good as it gets! Whew!

Yipes! How time flies! Anyway, since reveal time is in just over 3 hours, I’d best get my rear in gear!

For my recipe selection from Donna’s blog I chose to make a lazy, quick preparation version of her four-layer pizza dip. I also decided to make slightly less, in a smaller pan, but like a deep dish version.


To make this a lazy version I used a bottle of pizza sauce instead of mixing my own like Donna does. Mainly just because we always have it on hand because my boys are pizza loving fiends! I think her homemade sauce looks wonderful an would most likely be even better.

I also had some ricotta cheese on hand and decided to use that instead of the cream cheese layer – again, just what I had on hand.

We really love flatbreads around here and the piadina I made to go with this are great because you can either cut them into wedges for dipping, or spread some dip on a round and serve like a little pizza. The bread is soft, slightly chewy and makes awesome wrap sandwiches as well (though it’ll really look more like a thick, folded taco).

I also used a lot of cheese in this version and left off the bacon in favor of more pepperoni. Just personal preference for my boys. We really enjoyed this recipe and it would make a great, easy addition to any party or get together or even as an after school snack like we had. Enjoy, and Happy Monday!



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